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Custom Laminated Arches and Beams

Inspiration, design and traditional methods combine at Unalam for unlimited possibilities. We do projects of all sizes, from a residential application to a massive commercial project. If it can be done with wood, we can do it.

Unalam’s commitment to quality has been recognized by the AITC, which has licensed Unalam to produce all types of laminated material and glulam products in accordance with the strict ANSI Standard.

Read more about Unalam’s custom laminated wood beams, arches, trusses and structural supports.


Stock Laminated Beams

Unalam stocks a variety of standard laminated wood beams that are as beautiful as they are strong.

Read more about the stock laminated beams available from Unalam.


Unalam Learning

Unalam is an AIA CES Approved Provider. We are happy to share the knowledge we have gained as an industry leader over the past 100+ years.

Read more about our Unalam Learning course offerings.



Erection & Installation Services

Through a longstanding relationship with an experienced installer, Unalam can include erection services should your project require them. Unalam also can provide shipping and transportation to your site.

Contact us to get more information on our installation services.

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